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    Trace a systemic environmental reach

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    Choose an individual action and trace its systemic environmental reach, citing the scope of environmental inputs and outputs. Be as specific to your home community as possible.

    Perhaps, you can consider the example of electric light. Cite factors such as:
    Where is the electricity reaching your home generated?
    What are the means of electric production used? What are the environmental impacts of this production?
    How is the electricity transmitted?
    What are the resources involved in the electric infrastructure?
    What becomes of the waste materials of the electric lighting process?

    Some individual actions you might choose:
    Driving a car
    Ordering French fries at a fast food place
    Applying cosmetics
    Watching television
    Brushing teeth
    Mowing the grass
    Micro-waving a prepackaged dinner

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    This assignment is trying to get you to understand how you relate to the world around you, in hidden economic, sociological and environmental ways that you may not normally think about. Of how the actions you take have consequences for others around you and for the wider society you are in (indeed the whole world!). This sounds like an odd concept. But it is like 'ripples in a pool' metaphor - a stone thrown in one place will ripple out to the edges of the pond.

    Specifically it wants you to choose some action of yours and 'trace' the stages involved in it backwards in the production process. From you, to the local area you live in, backwards to the wider region (say USA, or Europe), right ...

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    This solution gives an example of how what we do has far reaching effects and its systemic environmental reach. It gives areas of focus and steps necessary to complete the assignment. The text contains: 499 words.