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Leadership competencies

Leadership competencies. Please give me guidance on starting on this topic.

There is an argument that leaders today face an unprecedented array of macro environment challenges -- globalization, diversity, fast pacing, constant change, technological advances, nomadic workforce, talent shortage, systemic impatience and generational friction.

Given that, discuss the competencies that leaders must master and deploy to be effective in this environment. Discuss traditional competencies that are still appropriate and relevant, those traditional competencies that must evolve and new competencies that must emerge.

You decide the format and what to include.

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First, there are some traditional competencies that are still relevant and leaders should possess them. The leaders should have passion, should be well organized and should know how to delegate effectively. Passion is required for globalization, the ability to be well organized is essential for the challenges of technological advances, and the ability to delegate is important, especially when faced with a nomadic workforce. Even in the current environment, the leader must be able to communicate effectively, should have the ability to take responsibility, and be honest. Lack of ...

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