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Systems Thinking & Organizational Design

Describe the applications of systems thinking on organizational design and apply it to your experience.

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If one wants to learn about organizations, he has to study Systems Thinking as a conceptual model because Systems Thinking is about studying something as a whole and not according to parts. The organization as a phenomenon has been the subject of many different kinds of systemic methodologies and most of them work at the conceptual level. Organizational design manifests a systemic process when the concept model that is being used bridges between the organization and systemic modeling with the system dynamics. Systems Thinking promotes the concept of radical change and the methodologies that are being used to achieve it. In developing this systems thinking model, one interprets the whole organization and treats it as a dynamic whole.
Systems thinking are the organization's outcomes, missions, visions, objectives all needed together to produce the best result for the organization as a system. It starts with defining the customer and planning to ...

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The solution describes the applications of systems thinking on organizational design. References are inclulded.