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Organizational Structure

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Hax and Majluf's 1981 article, "Organizational Design: A Survey and an Approach and the common symptoms of inadequate organizational structure."

Choose at least two of them and connecting them to the topics covered. For instance, if you chose (a) from page 445, how does motivation, leadership, etc. impact this deficiency, or rather, how might deficiency in one of those areas serve to contribute to the structural problems?

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The article referenced above discusses organizational structure and how the structure of an organization can influence, often times negatively, organizational performance and task realization. Hax and Majluf's (1981) article suggests that there are common shortcomings in organizational structure that frustrate organizational goals. The assignment above requires that student to select two of the common problems associated with organizational structure and assess the problem in terms of motivation and leadership.

Hax and Majluf (1981) explain organizational structure in terms of organizational process, planning systems, management control systems, evaluation and rewards systems, and communication and information systems. Further, the authors claim there are three types of organizational structure: functional, divisional, and matrix. At this point, I would like to point out that this is a dated article, but still with valuable information. Going beyond organizational structure, organizational theory has produced a variety of ways to view organizations. Gareth Morgan's (2006) Images of Organizations provides several interesting ways to visualize modern organizations.

Hax and Majluf (1981) further discuss type of organizational design and how organizations should be designed based on their strategy. Organizational design and structure should promote the fulfillment of organizational goals. The purpose of organizations is for a group of people to work together to complete commonly held goals. If order to successfully achieve goals and for the organization (business) to remain viable, organizational structure must be align with goals. Hax and Majluf (1981) offer suggestions on how to organization and choose an organizational design. Hax ...

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This solution offers a brief overview of Hax and Majluf's (1981) article "Organizational Design: A survey and an approach and the common symptoms of inadequate organizational structure."

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