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Organizational Structure and Function Project

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I need help writing an Executive Memo in which I do the following to inform the Administrative Board: Can you help me?

I am a nurse leader in your organization's human resource department. As part of the interview process, I must explain to potential candidates the position for which they are applying and their place in the organization. (The candidates are applying for a position in the radiology department)

- Describe the organizational structure of the company.
- Explain how the organizational structure influences daily operations.
- Describe how the organizational structure affects its ability to function efficiently.
- Explain how the human resource department affects the organizational structure and function of the company

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Included in this solution is a Memo to a hospital administrative board which includes a detailed organizational structure of the hospital. The structure spans from administrative services to housekeeping services, and details how this organizational structure and its components, such as staff, influence everyday operations between departments and in the organization as a whole. Also included is the how and why of the organizational structure is effective for this particular operation. Approximately 675 words.

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