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Organizational Structure and Control: A Breakdown.

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An organization's structure includes the jobs the employees hold within the organization. The design of an organization includes the process of making decisions. Outline the 6 key elements of an organization's structure.

Based on information from your company's Web site and other information sources, describe your company's organizational structure. Include the following information in your analysis:

Identify and diagram 1 organizational structure that can be applied to your company. Justify the theory with information from your research.

Based on the 3 goals you researched last week, analyze 1 strategy that seems to be working well for your company and 1 that needs improvement.

Add information about how the organizational structure will help reinforce what is working well and what needs to be improved

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Outline the 6 key elements of an organization's structure.

A. Organization Structure

1. The Line Structure

A line structure is exactly as it sounds. The management within a company starts with the most authoritative figure and authority moves consecutively down the line aka a chain of command. There are specific management functions in a line structure and each function in the line contributes towards production and builds upon the next function. A pro to this approach is that job duties are clear and independent of another employee's position and communication is facilitated by the easy organizational structure. A con to this approach is that employees may be performing a very diverse range of duties being that the structure is explicitly narrow by nature and each person is responsible for an entire position.

2. The Line and Staff Structure

A line and staff structure is an offset of the line structure in such that the line functions still exist such as higher-level management, but staff functions exist to offset each line function which indirectly contribute to the supportive needs of a company. A President would be part of a line structure and a Human Resource Coordinator would be a staff function per se. A pro to this approach is that the work load becomes more narrow for the line structure positions, more job positions are created and more specialization can exist within the company. A con to this approach is that staff structure often ...

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The success of an organization while it depends on managment and employees also strongly depends on its internal structure in terms of the type of organizational structure it operates under, the type of organizational departmentalization it utilizes for consumer services, its job specialization tasks and to what extent managment has in forming a positive work environment. As a manager and business professional, it is important to be able to evaluate the various types of components for an organization in order to optimize its overall success.

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