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Ethical Failures as Symptomatic of Management Failure

"Ethical failures are often symptomatic of management failures."

Based on the above quote, I have to prepare 3 key points for a debate supporting the statement. Your input or suggestions regarding additional resources (websites) would be greatly appreciated.

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Good topic for a debate. Let's take a closer look.


Ethical failures are often symptomatic of management failures because:

1. Ethical failures are often linked to MANAGEMENT practices that are not ethically sound. Take financial impropriety for instance, which is most often caused by management failure at the personal level e.g. individual players lack character, honesty and integrity, and at the organizational level e.g., setting up an organizational structure that lacks transparency that allows secrecy and encourages distrust, an ...

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This solution addresses the debate "Ethical failures are often symptomatic of management failures" offering suggestions for key points to debate in support of this statement. One supporting resource and links are provided for further research.