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    Organizational Behavioral Theories: Leadership and Management

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    Research about a failure within a large organization/Tyco - be specific. Describe how Organizational Behavioral theories could explain or predict the failure of this company's management (be specific in naming Organizational Behavioral theories). Compare and contrasts management failures with leadership failures that could have occurred. The paper determines the impact of the company's structure. APA guidelines.

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    One Organizational behavioral theory that could be used to predict the failure of the Tyco organization, and specifically the company's management, is the systems theory, due to the fact that the systematic methodology that this organization utilized in carrying out its day-to-day operations, created a situation where the leadership within the organization could conduct illegal activities or other activities that were detrimental to the organization, in a manner that was inconceivable for a great deal of time, which subsequently led to the failure of the organization as a whole. The lack of interrelationships between the upper-level executives within this organization, and other individuals within the organization, created a situation where the individuals could engage in such detrimental activities as engaging in the sales of stocks and commodities that were held by the organization, without gaining the proper authorization from the organization's pool of investors.

    Another organizational behavioral theory that could be used to predict the failure ...