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    Occupational Safety: Hazard Analysis and Accident Prevention

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    1) How do you feel that environmental concerns are changing the role of the safety and health professional? Provide some examples of environmental factors that are changing the safety and health profession. How have safety and health managers responded to them?

    2) Define the concept of a safety-first corporate culture. What are some ways to tell if an organization has a safety-first corporate culture? How does the concept of globalization factor into the need for a safety-first corporate culture?

    3) Explain the hazard analysis methodologies of: Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), Hazard and Operability Review (HAZOP), Human Error Analysis (HEA), Fault Tree Analysis (FTA )and Technic of Operation Review (TOR). What do you feel are the most fundamental weaknesses of each of these methodologies? Why?

    4) Persuasion can be a very important tool in the role of safety management. How would a safety and health professional persuade workers to take safety seriously? Describe the differences between projective communication and receptive communication.

    5) What is a company's role in ethics regarding their organizational practices? Describe some guidelines for determining ethical behavior. Which of these guidelines do you think is important to the safety and health professional's role in ethics?

    Goetsch, D. L. (2011). Occupational safety and health for technologists, engineers, and managers (7th ed.).Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

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    Impact of Environment on Safety and Health Professional
    Environmental concerns are changing the role of the safety and health professional due to forcing professional to align organizational practices and action with the risk management and safety programs and objectives. It is because nowadays in order to ensure legal actions and retain trust and faith of employees on organizational services, it becomes essential for the management to be able to understand and manage the risks that lie at the core of the profession (Goetsch, 2011). Emission of carbons and harmful gases and use of high technology affected the human activity due to direct impact on human health including morbidity and mortality due to temperature extremes, severe weather events, air pollution, and an increased risk for infectious diseases (Nies & McEwen, 2013).
    It enforces professional to focus on aspects that secure health and safety concern of individuals. For instance, emission of harmful gases, legislations, rules and regulations for environmental safety, etc. are considered as factors, which are responsible to change health and safety profession due to forcing professionals to work as per changes in these factors (Pang & Guindon, 2004). Safety and health managers need to respond them by acting in the roles of motivator, change leader and enforcer, by incorporating these changes within organizational strategies and practices at the workplace (Nies & McEwen, 2013).

    Safety First Culture
    Safety first culture refers to the organizational values and behaviors modelled by its leaders and internalized by its members, to make nuclear safety the overriding priority. It shows attitude of organizations towards safety influences liability loss exposures (Leach, Scoones & Wynne, 2005). For instance, in the airline industry, safety first culture is followed by management, while flying to airplane to reach at its destinations safely. The ...

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