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    The Importance of Diversity in Ecology

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    In laymen's terms can you please tell me why diversity in our ecology is important and explain the consequences of not having diversity?

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    Diversity is necessary for the following reasons:

    1) In the natural environment, there is a great inter-dependence between organisms. Organisms depend upon each other for food. A deer, for example, is a herbivorous animal. It depends upon plants for food. Imagine what would happen if there were no plants? There would be no deer for us to see! Similarly, carnivorous animals are dependent upon the herbivorous animals (and smaller carnivores/omnivores) for food. What would happen if there were no herbivorous animals? All the carnivores would die. Therefore, diversity in plants and animals is ...

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    This solution discusses two important concepts in biology: diversity and ecology, and details how these two terms are very much related to each other.