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    Problems with Acid Rain

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    I need help developing two alternative hypotheses and ecology-based experiments on the problem with acid rain.

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    One experiment might be to examine the effect of acid rain on the nutrient balance in an aquatic system. A difficulty here is that you can't just examine a pond or lake in an area with acid rain, because you need a null hypothesis to test against. That is, you need something in almost the exact same environment where the only variable that changes is the acid rain component. One way to do this is to make a surrogate for the pond or lake, like a water tank filled with a predefined set of algae, plants, and other organisms like fish. You could have two tanks, one which is covered and receives clean water, and another which is open to acid rain. Your hypothesis could have to do with the phosphorus cycle, perhaps that acid rain will affect ...

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    This solution proposes two alternative hypotheses and experiments on the problem with acid rain in about 530 words. Ecology-based experiments are examined.