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    Factors Considered Environmental Resistance

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    1. Name at least 5 factors that could be considered environmental resistance.

    2. Describe the ecological niche of an organism.

    3. Which ecosystems are more productive, tropical rain forests or northern coniferous forests and why?

    4. Why is acid rain more of a problem in certain areas, such as New England than in others?

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    There are many sites that del with these questions here are only few that I looked at (and took some text from):

    Environmental resistance:
    The limiting influences of environmental factors upon the increase in numbers of individuals in a community.

    Most living organisms' metabolism is effective at a narrow range of temperatures which is about 20-40 degrees Celsius. Extreme temperatures limit the amount of food available or time available for procreation.

    Food supply:
    Obviously, limiting the food sources and the amount of food available limits the population growth.

    Chemical pollution
    Certain chemicals can have adverse affects on the organism reproductive system, causing sterility and decrease in population. Another example for chemical resistance factor is the acidity level of water which is known to affect successful mating behavior and procreation in fish and other water-bound organisms.

    Parasite, viruses and bacteria can cause disease in organisms, which limits their growth ...

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