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    Animal Research

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    It is worth the potential to harm done to the animals to get results for researches? How do you feel if different were different type of animal?

    If, a study that used cats used mice or rats instead or if the study used monkeys or chimpanzees, do you think that the nature of the animal influences the ethical value judgment people make about such research? Should it?

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    As an animal owner and lover, I am strongly opposed to animal research and deem it as highly inhumane and cruel, not worth the potential to harm done to the animals to yield results for researches. While domesticated animal use (cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits, etc.) make me the most angered when used, research also shows that even rodents are not treated fairly in research most often, so I don't feel different if different types of animals are used, as it's the practices that I deem as ...

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