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Information on web page authenticity and credibility

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The birth of the Internet has opened a new door for research. The World Wide Web provides endless amounts of information on just about anything you can think of. Anyone can create a Website; therefore, the question of reliability comes into play.

1. Search the Internet for information on Web page authenticity and credibility. Read about what to look for when determining authenticity and reliability.

2. Then, choose a controversial issue in the world today. Research the Internet for arguments for and against the issue at hand. Determine whether or not the author(s) provided reliable information supporting their argument/product.
For example, http://www.alaw.org/tobacco_control/
This site on the dangers of smoking is a reliable source for two reasons: 1) the American Lung Association has a national reputation for being a credible organization and 2) they provide relevant information that is backed up by research and legislation.

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Web page authenticity and credibility are noted.

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