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    Streamlining Internet Research

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    How do you evaluate the quality of information on the Internet? What factors do you take into account?

    What are clues to authenticity or lack of authenticity of information on the Internet?

    Which organizations have used technology to streamline treatment planning?

    Have your organizations used these types of applications?

    I hope you can help me to understand researching the internet properly.

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    Internet Research: Finding Valid Sources

    Virtual research for valid and reputable information is just like actual data and source research taken on in the social world. It really depends on the kind of material, nature of material and topic of research that one is seeking for. For example, if you are doing qualitative research you are looking for detailed narratives and at times personal views and experience. If you are doing quantitative research you are looking for statistical data. What is important is that the data you are using, whether text, video, audio or images must be verifiable and are accessible to the audience you are writing about. Therefore they must be cited in the narrative. The internet is vast and as a resource it offers such a revolution in information making it available in real time as long as one can connect 'online'. There are online libraries open and available to students, scholars and researchers alike and to enter these internet gateways, one must have valid access (username, password). Some are free. For example, Google has made available eBook versions of certain published books, magazines and even newspapers. Some popular reading materials - magazines, novels for example - even ...

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    The solution is an 824-word comprehensive study guide, giving advice in doing qualitative and quantitative research on the internet especially in terms of ensuring the quality and accuracy of information, assessing authenticity, validity, filtering information and relevance of data. Steps in streamlining internet research is also provided including a discussion as to the relevance of streamline information treatment planning for organizations. References are included for expansion following the APA format.