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    Netflix: E-Commerce/Internet Business Model

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    Need help with this synopsis because I am having some difficulty with it. Instructions attached. Thanks in advance and I appreciate your help.

    This week, compose a 1-2 page synopsis of the company you will write your brief about. Include a rationale why you have chosen this company and 2-3 resources
    (in APA format) you will use to support your e-marketing ideas. Include a title page, introduction, conclusion and references in APA format. Potential best practice topics might include firms that employed profitable:

    • CRM
    • supply chain management
    • online research
    • telephony (Net for voice communication)
    • Web personalization/customization
    • performance metrics
    • Global adoption - selecting best markets for e-commerce
    • consumer behavior online
    • good e-business models in terms of profitability (e.g., online auctions)
    • anything about wireless

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    Netflix: Focus on Customers & Profitability

    Netflix, an Internet entertainment subscription service, initially offered customers the opportunity to select and receive movies via the mail. The company has since evolved, adapting to technology as a way to better serve its customers while reducing its costs. Netflix subscribers can watch "unlimited television shows and movies streamed over the Internet to their televisions, computers and mobile devices" (The New York Times, 2013). In addition, American subscribers can still enjoy DVDs delivered to their homes via post. The company's streaming services are offered internationally. Netflix contracts with various studios and other entertainment content suppliers for content utilizing fixed fee licenses, as well as revenue sharing agreements and direct purchases. Netflix uses online advertising to garner more customers, as well as traditional media such as radio and television. Netflix has successfully adapted to the marketplace, creating its own content and recommendation algorithms to encourage customer loyalty. As a result, the company has become "the best performing stock in the S & P 500" (The New York Times, 2013).
    Netflix was chosen as an interesting company to write about because of its ability to ...

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    This is a detailed synopsis about Netflix that discusses CRM, supply chain management, online research, Web personalization, performance metrics, global adoption, consumer behavior online, e-business models in terms of profitability. It provides insightful, current information and APA formatted references.