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Business Model: eBay, Amazon, Netflix

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I need to write a paper that identifies and describes how the "business model" used by eBusinesses evolve over time, using at least three examples. I could use your help for some good examples might be eBay, Amazon, Netflix, Napster, Facebook and Google, which have all evolved significantly from their original business model. However, you may choose any example you might prefer. A "business model" is not the same as a "revenue model", the business model encompasses all aspects of a business' operations - the revenue model might be one aspect of a business model.

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//Prior to write about the business model of given Companies, I would like you to suggest that you should be aware what a business model is and then visit various online & offline sources to gather the information about these Companies. I am providing you an overview about these companies. I am taking eBay, Amazon & Netflix as an example. See the text below: //

Business Model: eBay, Amazon, Netflix

A business model is a device through which a business intends to specify a value proposition for their target customers. A business model is a financial model and a market offering. It is also termed as the business design. With the help of a business model, a company makes plans as to how it will serve its customers and identify its product offerings. Both strategy and implementation of those strategies are included in the business model.

//See the text below to get a general idea of business model of 'eBay'. //

The eBay Business Model:

EBay is an online auction conglomerate created in September 1995 by Pierre Omidyar. The vision behind the creation of this corporation was to generate a virtual market place in which the goods and services are sold for and by the individuals. The traditional person-to-person trading of eBay has been globalized and rationalized by the company. The traditional trading was conducted by eBay through garage sales, flea markets, collectible shows, classified advertisements, etc. with their web interface. Such trading will help in easy exploration for buyers and facilitates sellers to immediately list sales items within minutes of registering. The mission of eBay is to be in the business of connecting people not selling products to them.

The founders of the company (eBay) had decided to create a person-to-person marketplace on the Internet in which the products to be sold are listed by the sellers and the interested buyers bid on these items. At first, eBay ...

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