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    Congratulations! Your retail strategy, which was implemented, has been a huge success. You have officially been inducted into the Executive Committee and now have a place of importance in the organization. You have Donna's support (and funds, of course) to develop an e-commerce plan for FYC not only as a new channel to sell but also to integrate into the rest of the organization.

    Donna and Debbie are both worried about how the others in the ECM will react to this huge investment, especially when Dan has been harping on the new laptops and higher travel budgets and Tom has been planning on replacing the EPABX systems. You have set up a special ECM meeting to discuss e-business and the advantages and pitfalls when fulfilling business transactions online. This calls for a management makeover!

    Choose one of the following successful (or one-time successful) e-biz companies: Netflix, Orbitz, Truste, Ofoto, or Etrade. Research articles in the Library and Internet, analyze your chosen company, and bring forth their successes and failures and what FYC can learn from them. (Note: all of these companies host websites that can be found by looking on the World Wide Web under the corporate name followed by .com. Some corporate websites include news, press releases, and strategy).

    After a thorough research of your chosen company, its business model, recent news articles, and analyst reports, please use the following to post your response to the Discussion Board.

    1. Describe the company's primary business model, revenue model, and industry.
    2. Who are the competitors? What makes the company stand out from its "pure play" Internet as well as brick-and-mortar counterparts? [specific USPs, strengths, and weaknesses]
    3. What are the benefits and limitations to the user? What's the value proposition?
    4. Is it the industry's online bellwether? How has it changed the industry and the way business was transacted in the industry?
    5. Had the company's model failed before? If so, why and how did it turn around?
    6. What are the potential risks and challenges it faces now? Is it profitable?
    7. What's in the future? [plans/goals]
    8. What are your recommendations for competitive advantage/corporate strategy?
    9. In a brief capsule, what lesson did you learn?
    10. Why did you pick the company you chose to research?

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    //Your query requires an analysis of any of the given e-biz companies, which are Netflix, Orbitz, Truste, Ofoto or Etrade. The analysis of successes & failures of any of the company will lead the company towards implementing e-business in it. For this purpose, you can take any of these given companies and suggest how FYC can implement e-business in a proper manner. Here, I am taking the example of Netflix.//


    Netflix was founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in Delaware. Netflix is offering online movie rental service to its clients (Company Background, 2009). It is serving in the disc & video rental industry. It offers various movie rental plans for its customers. The customers who are subscribed to it can place their order online and Netflix sends the DVDs to their address by first class mail. Customers can return the DVDs by a postage paid return envelope.

    The elements of Netflix business model are focusing on opportunity & target market, marketing & customer acquisition, technology ecosystem, infrastructure build, execution risk factors, revenue & pricing model, distribution channel strategy and venture funding for growth. Netflix revenue model focuses on revenue maximization by setting up different plans on the basis of customer usage. Its standard subscription model costs $19.95 and is the core revenue generator for the company (Transforming the DVD Rental Business, 2002). Netflix has an optimal pricing strategy for various customer segments.

    //In the previous paragraph, I gave you an idea about Netflix's revenue & business model. As per the directions given, we will discuss its competitors and its strengths & ...