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Facts and Truth in Marketing Research

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How can facts and truth be differentiated in the findings of marketing research?

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Different between Facts and Truth in Marketing Research

Truth and Facts
To compete in the market and develop various strategies, it is necessary for the management to conduct an effective marketing research (Kotler, 2002). This marketing research is helpful for the management to evaluate the various key factors of target market, such as preference of consumer, buying behavior, requirement of products, market size, pricing of products or services etc. (Kotler, 2002). In the marketing research, truth and facts are completely different from each other. Evaluating process of marketing environment discussed in books is very different from the actual evaluation process (Naugle, n.d).
In the marketing, a truth can be defined as the historical situation or belief that has ...

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The solution examines the facts and truth in marketing research. How the two can be differentiated is given.