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    Marketing: Telling the Truth and Ethics

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    I need help and guidance with this question. "We will tell the truth in all situations and at all times." Is this possible in marketing and ethics; is it even desirable? Discuss how this proclamation is, or is not at all, problematic for marketers.

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    According to the American Marketing Association (AMA), ethics and honesty are valuable and obtainable in addition to desirable. For example, the ethical norms laid out for marketers indicated as, do not harm, foster trust in the marketing system, and embrace ethical values. In addition, the ethical values include striving to be truthful in all situations at all times (AMA, 2013).

    There are certain moral principles that are quite crucial to ethical advertising. Moreover, these principles emphasize truthfulness, the dignity of the human person as well as the social responsibility. First, truthfulness in advertising highly recommends that the ...

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    Marketing for telling the truth and ethics is examined. How the proclamation is problematic to marketers is discussed.