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    Logic Puzzle

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    Somebody ate the sausages!

    Superman, The Flash, The Green Lantern, Batman, and Wonder Woman went out to lunch. Wonder Woman went to the ladies room just before the meal was brought out by the waiter. When she returned everyone had their food, but all of her sausage was missing from her plate. Wonder Woman loves sausage, so she asks the others who took her sausage. Here's what these four boys have to say:

    Superman: "Batman ate the sausage!"
    Batman: "Green Lantern ate it all up!"
    Flash: "I didn't eat them, no way!"
    Green Lantern: "Batman's totally lying!"

    Only one of these rascals is telling the truth and all the others are, needless to say, lying. Can you figure out who ate the sausage?

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    (1) We know that only one is telling the truth. So, let's assume Superman is telling the truth (and the rest are lying), and let's see if all the statements make sense:

    If S. is telling the truth, then Batman ate the sausage. This means that B. is lying (good), F. is telling the truth (not good), and G.L. is telling the truth (not good).

    Since the Flash is ...

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    The solution discusses the logic puzzle to figure out who is telling the truth and who is lying.