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Piaget's Tasks for Concrete Operational Stage

I am doing a child study on a 9 year old boy and I am looking for some tasks, or questions, or logic problems, or games to assess him in the style of Piaget. Do you have any ideas? thanks

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According to Piaget's theory there are several ages and stages that a child reaches a developmental goal. Some children reach the goals faster than others and in theory there are ages when he felt that a child would take off and then slow down based on the individual child. If this child is nine years old, he should already be in the Concrete Operational Stage which occurs between the ages of 7 and 11. Because boys are slower to mature than girls at this age, you may want to do some intelligence testing on this child prior to any of Piaget's ideas to make sure that he is of maturity level to complete any of the following tasks.

Piaget also believed that you adapt to the world through assimilation and accommodation. Asking different children to perform the same tasks can be daunting when the children come from different cultural and economical backgrounds. You will also want to take this into consideration and differentiate the instruction based on this specific young man. ...

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These are some tasks, questions, and logic problems that could be beneficial for a young boy according to Piagets learning styles.