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Piaget's concrete operational stage

What changes in childrenâ??s cognitive skills are evident during Piagetâ??s concrete operational stage? Compare and contrast the cognitive skills of a typical six year old and an eight year old. How does this information relate to curriculum planning? Cite one source

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Piaget's concrete operational stage is the the stage where a child has reached the ability to think logically about concrete objects in their environment. Children at this stage are developing the ability to interact with concrete, specific objects and to make some logical assumptions and predictions about these objects.

Children prior to or just entering the concrete operational stage (i.e. a six-year-old) are likely to have difficulty with concepts like classifying objects into groups (which requires determining relationships between objects). During the preoperational stage, children may be able to understand basic relationships between objects (i.e. separating red things from blue things, or round things from square things). However, it is not until the concrete operational stage (such as an eight-year-old) where they can understand more complex relationships between things. For ...

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Piaget's concrete operational stage is explored and researched in terms of children's changes cognitively.