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    Adichie's experiences display bias and the reason

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    Adichie's experiences display bias and the reason why researching others work is so important to our own research. When we approach the idea of a theme or our hypothesis we are coming from a certain perspective wherein we have some experience and/or understanding. That in and of itself is bias, but that bias changes into real work with research. As we research and move in the direction of discovery we begin to uncover the truth, additionally we can uncover opportunities for growth and development. Adichie's story was interesting as she grew from child to adult, first pushing her own biases and then have to feel the bias that others had regarding her (Adichie, 2009). What I find is that she harbors frustration for the roommate who believed Adichie to be beneath her, but has learned a valuable lesson in the relationship. A single story can hurt. It can hurt the truth of the situation and cause opinions to be formed that are unfounded. It is our job as researchers to ensure the truth comes out unbiased so our readers can understand the facts......and just the facts.


    Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's 2009 TED Talk titled, The Danger of a Single Sto

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    //The literature review is the important part of the comprehensive research report. It helps to show the readers and users of research work that the researcher has conducted an in-depth study using various sources on the research topic before putting his/her recommendations. The researcher has to be very particular in writing the literature review. The following discussion highlights the extent to which the ...

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