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Observational Research Methods and Controlling Observer Bias

Do you think that observational research methods are too subjective? Why or why not? How can observer bias be controlled?

Please read chapter 4.

I need at least 250 words of your response.


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Within psychology the observation of phenomenon itself is scientific. There are guidelines given to observers within psychology for when they observe people or a situation. For example Banister (1994) outlined what should be recorded during an observation, these are:

* Describe the context - the physical setting, date, time, and weather.
* Describe the participants - who are they, age, sex, gender, ethnicity, clothing and physical appearance.
* Describe who the observer is - this is information about the observer, this information is crucial as the person who is doing the observing will affect what is observed (as different things will catch our attention etc)
* Describe the actions - what is happening, describe both verbal and non-verbal behavior
* Interpret the situation - attempt to give an interpretation of the ...

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