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    Ethical dilemmas in marketing research

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    In thinking about your company or organization, or a past employer, give an example of an ethical dilemma that occurred or could arise in marketing research? What role would ethics plays in relation to market researchers using observational methodologies for market research?

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    1. One company I worked for was a second chance college. These types of colleges are for those who might have missed college because of low scores in high school and without SAT or ACT scores. The problem with this school was its adherence to a policy of considering the students as "losers" with only a limited chance to graduate and people we had to almost force into class. One absentee was considered too much and we had to call and "coax" them back. A family tragedy was not a good reason for them to miss more than one class. One case involved a student who was in ...

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    Discussion on the ethical dilemmas that occur when marketing research is being performed.