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Observation Method tools

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Please describe what the study tool of observation is? Please provide references.

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1. Describe the study tool of observation?

The observation method is a qualitative research technique (tool) in which the behavior of research subjects is watched and recorded with or without any direct contact or interaction.

It is one of the most common qualitative data collection methods, which can be used separately or in combination with interviews, or document analysis. The collected data allow the researchers to observe, as clearly as possible, the social interactions or behavior that they seek to describe. There are several different types of observation methods involved in field observation:
i) Field observation
The purpose of field observation is to record social phenomena directly and prospectively. There are 2 basic approaches: direct observation by investigators themselves, and indirect observation through audio or video recording. In direct observation, investigators spend time in the social milieu they are studying and record observations in the form of detailed field notes or journals. Observational techniques are categorized according to the role of the investigator in the setting (i.e., "non-participant" or "participant") observation. Field analysis techniques require investigators to explicitly consider how their presence might influence their findings.
In non-participant observation, the researcher stays relatively uninvolved in the social interactions she observes. The crucial question for critical appraisal is whether in the particular social ...

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Through discussion and example, this solution described the study tool of observation. References are provided.

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