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Research Articles: Bias against fathers

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I am currently researching the subject topic of "Social Workers bias against fathers and its effect on service delivery". I am having some challenges on finding current articles on this one aspect of the research which is: Social Workers bias may be based on their own life experiences and this may have an affect on why they exclude fathers from the scope of services in their practice.

The concept of the study is to understand why existing systems (court, child welfare, protective service agencies, etc.) exclude fathers when they provide services to families. The focus is usually the mother and the assumption may be that fathers are not engaged in the process and if so why do the social workers exclude fathers. Is it based on their perceptions and life experiences with males/fathers. Seeking assistance so that I can proceed with the research and get guidance on such.

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Bakerville, Stephen. Is there really a fatherhood crisis? Found July 31, 2013:


Deconstructing the essential father. Found July 31, 2013: http://www.deltabravo.net/cms/plugins/content/content.php?content.309

Family feud. Found July 31, 2013: ...

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