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    Statistical Bias

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    In some ways, one could say that the countries selected for this study are very "skewed" in terms of their relation to one another and their overall attitudes on food. The French, it could be argued, have genetically better disposed heart conditions that could give them much less reason to worry; the United States are culturally more active and athletic which makes them more predisposed to watching their weight thereby increasing their needs to worry. If any of these are true, could this be some reason to question the validity of the study? Could this be an example of statistical bias, do you thnk?

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    In questions such as this, if either of these scenarios is true, then this likely is a case of statistical bias. Statistical bias occurs when data is analyzed in a way that marks it as significantly different from the population it represents. In the case ...

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    This solution of 166 words discusses the biases present in French and American populations that may affect the validity of the study and the statistical bias.