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The Emotional Advertising of McDonald's

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Title: Emotional Advertising

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Emotional Advertising

If Americans used a little common sense, they would realize the longer they "Go Large" the larger they are going to be. Jacqueline Wright a CDC epidemiologist states, "Obesity rates jumped from 14.5 percent of U.S. adults in 1971 to 30.9 percent in 2000". (www.cbsnews.com, 2004) Startling facts, but is that surprising data to the marketers of the McDonald's Corporation? Since 1950 McDonald franchises have been serving up fast food (www.mcdonalds.com, 2009); and as their history and marketing have grown, so have American waistlines. Knowing this, why do we continue to drive up and order a Quarter Pounder, Large Fry and a Chocolate Shake?

It is because McDonald's uses emotional advertising to sell their products, and has mastered the art of triggering that emotion in their ads. They ...

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510 Words. 4 References. APA format. Here is small sample of what you will see: Dunkin Donuts proclaims "America runs on Dunkin", but the truth is Americans are run by emotions. McDonald's found out very early on that emotional appeals in advertising are....