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Advertising Concept

A. What is advertising? How does it differ from marketing? How does your company, or a company that you know well, use advertising? Give a real world example.

b. How does advertising to consumers differ from advertising to businesses? Why? How might they be the same?

c. Historically, how has advertising affected society in general? How does that continue today? Give an example. Does advertising create societal trends or do society trends create advertising? Explain.

d. Why should there be regulations for advertising? How is puffery different from advertising deception? How far can an advertiser push decency and still maintain credibility?

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Advertising & Marketing
Advertising is a prospect of marketing. The prominent objective of advertising is to create consciousness of the products and services exist in the market. Advertising explicates the needs due to which customers require a particular product. It explains how a product is purchased will benefit customer lives. It is an exclusive constituent of marketing. It basically postulates disseminating of the word regarding specific business and its products & services. It considers ad emplacement, direct mail, television, radio and online advertising. Marketing is unlike from advertising as it is a procedure. Peculiarly marketing is a plan, which is intended to generate consciousness of products, services and brands. Marketing postulates establishing of associations with customers along with beefing up of customers overall satisfaction (Lancaster & Reynolds, 2005).
A company I knew that make use of advertising is McDonald's. From its establishment McDonald's had asserted all-embracing advertising campaigns for different states. For advertising McDonald's make use of all traditional media channels like television, radio, and newspaper. In addition to these traditional media channel's McDonald's also make use of hoardings and assemblage, sponsors boasting events that vary from Little League to the Olympic Games. For advertising McDonalds also make use of slogans and logos as in only U.S McDonald's make use of 23 diverse slogans.
Advertising to Consumers & Advertising to Businesses
Advertising to consumers refers to the advertising that is prominently headed at the eventual user of a product or service ...

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