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    Product Strategy and Pricing: discuss emotional advertising

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    Devise your own story that fits in one of the categories below. It needs to have a marketing focus, but the topics are broad and can reflect your own taste. It can be written in 1st or 3rd person.

    Topic Category: Select One

    Controversy in Ads
    Lifestyle Campaigns
    Target Marketing
    The Global View
    Emotional Advertising
    Marketing the Economy

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    // In this paper, we will discuss about the concept of "Emotional Advertising" that is widely used in today's world by a large number of companies to attract more loyal customer bases than it already has; and the comparison with rational advertising. It is a very interesting concept and has worked well for the Companies. //

    Lately, we have seen that there are various products in the market and sometimes, with the striking similarity, the products have or with the latest features another brand provides, it becomes difficult for us to make a choice about the superiority of one brand over the other. Some people ...

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    The solution discusses product strategy and pricing. An analysis of emotional advertising is given.