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Tetra Pak's Strategy and Pontero

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Need help with case analysis. I am looking for direction on how to answer these questions. Questions below and case included for reference (see the attachment). Any help appreciated.

1. What is Tetra-Pak's strategy for clients in the Italian milk market?
2. Discuss Tetra-Pak's proposed solution for enriched milk. Why did Pontero reject it?
3. What should Tetra-Pak propose next to Pontero?

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Case Analysis on Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak a leading company produces aseptic carton packaging for the liquid products like fruit juices, milk, drinks etc. The company uses differentiation strategy for its clients in Italian milk market. Differentiation strategy of Tetra Pak is famous as specific package for specific needs. Due to its differentiation strategy, the company is famous in Italian milk market. To ensure differentiation, the company maintains close relationship with the customers. Tetra Pak maintains confidentiality of its clients in a strict manner that is also a reason of its strong bonding with the customers in Italian milk market (Tetra Pak (A): The Challenge of Intimacy with a Key Customer, 2006). It works for different major clients and proposes them solutions according to market trends and indicators. It proposes strategies to its clients in relation to promotion, advertising, product launch etc. The company follows different steps to propose solutions to its clients in the Italian Milk Market. These are as follow:
Market Analysis: Firstly, the company analyzes market indicators and trends in an in-depth manner. In this analysis, it evaluates different factors like social, technological, economical, cultural, legal and political. According to the identified information, it proposes solutions to its clients in Italian milk market.
Customer Need Analysis: Tetra Pak also conduct a critical analysis of consumer behavior. As a part of its consumer behavior analysis, needs, wants and preferences of consumers regarding marketing mix are analyzed and ...

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