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I need assistance with my transformation paper. I have difficulty creating a paper on Coca Cola. I am asked to choose at least one major product from Coca Cola and develop the recycling strategy for that product. Vitamin drink or the juices?? Also I must explain the role of total quality related to sustainbility.

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//In this paper we will discuss about the product of Coca Cola. We will develop the recycling strategy of chosen product of Coca Cola and also describe the role of total quality related to sustainability.//

In this paper, we have selected Minute Maid Premium Orange Juice as a product which is developed by Coca Cola. Nowadays, natural resources are becoming scarce and depleting very quickly. Raw material prices are also increasing at a high rate and many other factors are also increasing the cost of the product. Therefore, the company believes that recycling the products is pivotal for it. As the product is developed by the company, the product is packaged in a manner which helps in recycling the packaged material quickly and simply (Product Descriptions, 2010). Minute Maid Orange juice is packed in the form of tetra packs and in the recyclable PET bottles. Recycling the product is a big process which includes various people like recyclers, manufacturers, etc. The success of recycling chain ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 686 words with references.

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