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Manometers and angles of inclination

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2) See attachment for diagrams for both questions.

1) Two water manometers are connected to a tank of air. One leg of the manometer is open to 100kPa absolute pressure while the other leg is subjected to 90kPa. Find the difference in deflection between both manometers, delta ha - delta hb.

2) The inclined differential manometer shown in the figure contains carbon tetrachloride. Initially the pressure differential between pipes A and B, which contains a brine with specific gravity=1.1, is zero as illustrated in the figure. It is desired that the manometer give a differential reading of 12in (measured along the inclined tube) for a pressure differential of 0.1 psi. Determine the angle of inclination.

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0.9Patm - 1000*9.8*delta(ha) = P = Patm - 1000*9.8*delta(hb)
=> delta(ha) - delta(hb) = (1-0.9)*Patm/(9800)
Patm = 100kPa = 100000 Pa
delta(ha) - delta(hb) = (1-0.9)*100000/9800 = ...

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