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    Trigonometry and Geometry Word Problems

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    3) A building 210 feet tall casts a 90 foot long shadow. If a person stands at the end of the shadow and looks up to the top of the building, what is the angle of the person's eyes to the top of the building (to the nearest hundredth of a degree)? (Assume the person's eyes are 4 feet above ground level.)
    A) 66.40° B) 64.09° C) 66.80° D) 25.91°

    4) A straight trail with a uniform inclination of 13° leads from a lodge at an elevation of 800 feet to a mountain lake at an elevation of 6000 feet. What is the length of the trail (to the nearest foot)?
    A) 23,116 feet B) 26,672 feet C) 6158 feet D) 5337 feet

    5) A building 170 feet tall casts a 90 foot long shadow. If a person looks down from the top of the building, what is the measure of the angle between the end of the shadow and the vertical side of the building (to the nearest degree)? (Assume the personts eyes are level with the top of the building.)
    A) 28° B) 32° C) 58° D) 62°

    Find the missing parts of the triangle.
    6) A = 26°30'
    B = 25°1O'
    a = 11.92
    A) C = 129°20', b = 11.36, c = 20.96 B) C = 128°2O b = 11.36, c = 20S6
    C) C = 129°20', b = 20.96, c = 11.36 . D) C = 128°20', b = 2O96, c = 11.36

    A)A=37.3°, a=23.18, c= 16.10 B) A=39.3°,a= 16.1O,c=23.18
    C)A =39.3°, a = 181O, c=25.18 D)A =37.3°, a =25.18, c= 18.10

    Solve the problem.
    8) An airplane is sighted at the same time by two ground observers who are 3 miles apart and in front of the airplane. They report the angles of elevation as 13° and 24°. How high is the airplane?
    A) 1.44 miles B) 2.6 miles C) 0.67 miles D) 1.22 miles

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