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Marketing research: ROI technique, advertising, product testing

Part 1-

ROI is a technique that has been used forever. Do you know of any other methods or software to aid in measuring a firm's return on investment?

Part 2-

I will start with an example of an organization that I feel has established many of these objectives of advertising. The company I am referring to is Apple. I have included a commercial advertisement recently run for their MacBook.


This particular advertisement has an interest in developing an interest in this newly designed product with the goal of stimulating an increase in sales. It doesn't help that Apple's brand equity is already high. People see that little apple logo and they are instantly interested.

Quite frankly, this advertisement achieves several other objectives described found in this ad.

Your thoughts?

Part 3-

The internet has also provided additional opportunities for the testing of new products. Concept testing has turned into a market in and of itself with organizations offering the services of product and market testing. Your thoughts?

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Part 1
Return on capital employed and return on assets are some of the methods used in measuring the return on investment on a firm.

Part 2
The advertisement fulfills other objectives such as Apple having the capability of providing quality iPad2 which are more portable and easily manageable since they are ...

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