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Market Research Methodologies

Johnny Walker Red Label Scotch is concerned about the shifting attitudes of the public regarding the consumption of alcohol. However, managers think that scotch whiskey may be seen differently because it is normally consumed in small quantities as opposed to beer, wine, or even other hard liquors such as vodka. Select two projective techniques. First, defend your use of a projective technique. Second, describe in detail how your two chosen techniques would be applied to this research problem.

Please use Burns, A. C. & Bush, R. F. (2006). Marketing research and SPSS 13.0 package (5th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall

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The projective technique is a very efficient and effective technique that can be utilized in ascertaining important information in relation to market research. This technique is a very important methodology by which researchers or marketers can ascertain attitudes that individuals will have in response to a particular image or a particular product brand. It is very important to ascertain the given attitudes or emotional responses that individuals have upon receiving stimuli about a particular form of brand imagery, due to the fact ...

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The expert examines market research methodologies. Projective techniques are provided.