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International Marketing Research: New Products in Japan

Begin marketing a new product to Japan for a company that wants to offer its top-selling product abroad. Acting as the marketing manager for the company, analyze the various international marketing research methodologies and resources available. State the objectives of research and select the appropriate international market research methodologies that I can use to create a marketing campaign. Justify my selections.

Please help me begin structuring my assignment and finding resources to document the various international research methods applicable in Japan.

Please cite sources.

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We can use marketing research methodologies to understand the behaviors and preferences of consumers in a Japan by collecting and analyzing data from them. Doing business in Japan especially requires an understanding of the country environment, including factors influencing consumer lifestyle choices. Japan is known as one of the world's biggest consumer markets. Unfortunately but when it comes to find data about market researches, the country is left in the dark ages.

We can apply both quantitative and qualitative methodologies in the Japanese market. Quantitative research asks respondents an identical set of questions ...

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This response discusses different methods of international market research, solely focusing on introducing new products to the Japanese economy.