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SWOT Analysis of Netflix

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I am required to do a 3-4 page SWOT analysis on Netflix with 4-6 web references. Please help me get started with this assignment by identifying some strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and only use VALID web references so I can look them up. I have received assistance in the past where the expert created fake links that I could not look up. Please don't do that to me or any other students for that matter.

The professor wants us to bear in mind that strengths and weaknesses are internal to the firm, while opportunities and threats are external. Focus on those factors that appear most significant. Thanks for your assistance!

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A SWOT analysis for Netflix is examined. The factors the appear most significant are determined.

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Hope you are well.

The requested 4 web references links to information on Netflix SWOT is at the bottom of this response post.

The Netflix is a popular on-demand internet streaming media business entity that services many countries on the global landscape to targeted consumers. Today, the company subscription based digital distribution service accumulated over 5 million subscribers that entailed an average of at least 100,000 titles on DVD (Netflix.com 2013). By the recent years from 2011 and current, the Netflix revenue reached around $1.5 billion setting the market within the targeted consumer marketplace for an alternative to renting DVDs all online.

Netflix Strengths

Now, the company successes reflect their strengths, however, in any sufficient business analysis, the SWOT is warranted to generating a consensus to the overall organization vitality status. In assessing the SWOT, the strength is revealed for analysis leading to the weakness within that particular strength, for instance:

1. Netflix strength is the global regions to providing to the targeted consumer with competitive prices.
2. Netflix strength is providing DVD rentals online for instant and easy ordering for the targeted consumer.
3. Netflix strength offers competitive prices.

Keep in mind, the observation is on the listed number strength of the company, so shall the present of available weakness exist. For instance, the following relates to the listed examples of strengths.

Netflix Weakness

a. Netflix has a ...

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