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Netflix Case Study

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This solution is a 13 page paper explaining Netflix; their history, SWOT analysis, Video On Demand Market, a Five Forces Analysis, Financial Evaluation and a look into the future.

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Humans, from the beginning of time, yearn for instant gratification. From the cave man days of slaying that evenings dinner to now being able to communicate instantly with anyone around the world utilizing a plethora of devices. The world of movies is not immune to instant gratification. It started with waiting for a movie to come out and going to see it immediately, to then being able to rent it at the local movie rental store, progressing to PPV (paid-per view) offered by the Cable company and now VOD (Video-on-Demand). VOD allows content such as television shows, movies, etc. to stream through computer and/or any set-top device enabling the viewer to watch the content in real time or download it for later viewing. The ability to see what you want when you want it is the ultimate instant gratification.