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    Netflix SWOT Analysis

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    Select an existing company, possibly a publicly -held company in order to Find easily accessible information. (Netflix)

    Research the company and compile a SWOT analysis identifying a minimum of four elements under each of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

    Explain each element with an eye on how this affects the company overall.

    Once the table has been compiled, address the following questions:

    1. How does this tool assist the marketing and management teams
    to solve problems within the company?

    2. Based upon your research and this SWOT analysis, what recommendations would you make for the management team?

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    Netflix SWOT Analysis

    Netflix has many strengths: Netflix is the leading leading Internet entertainment subscription service, provides entertainment to over 74 million subscribers (La Monica, 2016) in more than 130 countries around the world, offering entertainment in 21 languages (Netflix, 2016). The company's strong position as the market leader makes it difficult for competitors to gain share. Also, the company offers its subscribers entertainment at affordable prices, and features unlimited downloads for a set monthly subscription price (Netflix, 2016). These prices are considerably cheaper than other entertainment offers, like movie theaters, live events, and cable television. In addition, Netflix has been able to stay ahead of technology, nimbly switching from being a postal delivered DVD service to a streaming entertainment behemoth. In addition, Netflix has brand recognition with a strong name that has become part of pop culture, and a logo that is easily recognized.
    Netflix content cost is high, when it produces its own content. The company must pay all production, advertising, and other costs associated with developing movies and television series. However, licensing costs are also up for outside content -700% according to Reuters (Salmon, ...

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