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Online Retail Sector & Entrepreneurs/Profitable/Unprofitable

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1. Why were so many entrepreneurs drawn to start businesses in the online retail sector initially?

2. What frequently makes the difference between profitable and unprofitable online businesses today?

3.How have travel services suppliers benefited from consumer use of travel websites?

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Many entrepreneurs were driven to start online businesses initially due to the allure and scope of the marketplace. The Internet represents boundless opportunity to so many people. One is able to reach a global market place, without the burden of having an actual storefront. Internet businesses do not need the same scale of capital expenditure that traditional businesses do. One can begin a business in their home, without the start up costs of rent, signage, or even advertising. These same savings continue on, saving costs on monthly expenditures. One can even begin a business without investing in inventory, shipping product directly from suppliers, thus further streamlining the process. The Internet instantly allows anyone to sell products or offer their services, often with zero or no costs involved. One can use ...

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This solution discusses why entrepreneurs are drawn to start online retail businesses, and what frequently differentiates between profitable and unprofitable online businesses. In addition it discusses how travel service suppliers have benefited from consumer use of travel websites. It includes examples.