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    Analyze health field-related research

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    Learning or recalling the nuances of APA will happen naturally as you progress through your course work, but understanding why proper citations are essential to your success as a student is the first step.

    topic of importance in your field of study while applying APA guidelines.

    Analyze health field topics
    Apply APA guidelines
    Analyze the research process
    Analyze health field-related research

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    //Citation has been one of the most important tasks in the students' life. It has been a legal task that needs to be performed in order to authenticate the document submitted to any higher authority. Below we have discussed the importance of APA and citations//

    APA stands for the American Psychological Association which has defined some rules regarding the document formatting. The format has been based upon the importance of the information origin and its credits. The citations have a number of advantages in the documents. Plagiarism, which has been regarded as a crime in the laws, is prevented using citation in the research. Citation provides the credit of writing to the particular author by mentioning the respective name in the research. This helps in preventing the copyright issues of the research and proves its authenticity. Citation also increases the impacts of a research on the reader on the basis of the author which has been used to gather the research information (Moed, 2006). Thus, APA and citation hold huge importance in the student life.

    //There have been instances when the copyright has become a huge issue in the medical field. The situation has been explained below//

    The healthcare has been a really huge field. It has faced huge amount of innovation and has been evolving day by day. In this context, the researches which are conducted are increasing day by day. Thus, is order to prevent all the mess regarding to the copyrights of a particular topic, citation and APA referencing is a must. The medical field is exclusive of extremely refined information regarding to various topics. As a result, there should be proper ways to give credits to the authors who have already given or discussed detailed analysis about any topic. There are a number of health field topics which can be covered in a research and thus proper citation will increase the authenticity and readers for the particular research.

    The APA follows a number of guidelines which are common to everyone. The use of 12 size font with Times New Roman style is used in the APA. It uses the double line spacing in the entire text and defines the margins as 1 inch. The running head is places on the upper left corner of the cover page which includes the topic of the research. Other specifications include bold and capitalized headings, restriction to the use of Latin abbreviations and proper format for the numerals. Thus, the APA follows a differentiated pattern which separated and highlights each and every detail of the report (APA, 2001).

    The research process contains a number of steps. It starts with the defining of a topic which should be relevant enough to be chosen and should have enough number of sources to be searched for. The specific key words should be properly selected in order to ease the process of information searching. It should be noted that the research follows the citation of particular literature reviews which are discussed throughout the research paper. It should give credibility to the authors whose information has been utilized in the document. In case of the health field related research, it is really important to provide the correct source of the information. This is important in order to prove the data authenticity. The data which is provided in the health care field is required to be really accurate and so authentic enough to be applied or accepted. So, in order to provide a genuine research, the citation should be provided which will increase the authentication.

    // I hope, the assistance provided by me is quite sufficient to address the queries. It will surely help you to develop better understanding of the topic discussed and enhance your knowledge. I have also included the references from where I found the content. In the end, I wish you happy learning.//


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