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    Topic selection for an area of mental health

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    A topical idea for selecting an area of mental health is presented, along with APA references to validate.

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    When briefly selecting an area of mental health to which you have been exposed, either through your clients or your professional reading, the issue of homeless youth is a critical one.

    When outlining in paragraph form three key points to include if you were speaking to the public about this area, it is vital to examine the extent of the problem, causes of the problem, and risks to this vulnerable population accordingly.

    First, when validating, the extent of the problem, it is one which is shrouded with doubt about the precise numbers, as this ...

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    The response includes 400 words of notes and two APA reference summations. Some issues are identified to guide users toward selecting an area of mental health to research. The topic of homeless youth is focused on with risk factors and causes also delineated.