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    Eithical Dilemmas/Mental Health Profession

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    Choose one area of forensic psychological practice within civil law. Delineate one or more ethical dilemmas or difficulties that mental health professionals working in this area would have to face. Describe the difficulty or conflict. Add recommendations about how the professional should proceed.

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    *Ethical Dilemmas or Difficulty in the Mental Health Professional Field

    (1) Choose one area of forensic psychological practice within civil law.

    Based on the research regarding this topic, psychology is stated to constantly change as it interacts with empirical findings. One area of forensic psycholocial practice within civil law is the practice of psychology in the Ccriminal Justice system (e.g. court witnessing). In forensic law, behavioral science and facts of evidence refers to the role of expert witnesses in court proceedings and in daily life decisions (van Oorsouw & Merckelbach, 2010. In addition, when new statutory provisions are added and determined by law a change takes place regarding the interpretation of psychological practice (Siebel, 2006). For instance, in his book review, Woody (2008) points to the psychological term malingering that can be interpreted differently in the practice of psychology and psychology as it is practiced within civil law. For example, malingering (feigning or lack of memory of injury or illness) within the justice system may create a dilemma for mental health professions. Feigning within the Criminal Justice System is described as a psychiatric or neurological disorder to obtain privileges or disability (p. 1). For example, in the criminal sector, feigning memory (criminal amnesia) is used to gain sympathy, promote a coping defense, or to fake innocence. From the propspective of the non-criminal psychologist, amnesia is stated to be authentic and originates from some form of stress, or transient brain improvement.

    (2) Delineate one or more ethical dilemmas or difficulties that ...

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    This solution discusses forensic psychological practice within civil law, and potentoa; ethical dilemmas associated with that practice