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    Mental Health & Physical Health (doing research)

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    Doing Research

    How do I describe two major variables that are likely to be important? How do I state whether the research question represents basic or applied research and why? How am I supposed to use qualitative data vs quantitative data? Does mental health play a role in physical health?

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    Dear Student,
    Hi, I can tell that you are worried about this particular problem. I understand how it can be confusing - doing research is always challenging especially if you have to plan it, choose which methods, what theories, and decide on the variables. Alright, the issue we have here is to -

    1. Describe 2 major variables based on the topic of 'The role of mental health in physical health'
    2. Explain if it is basic or applied
    3. Use of qualitative and quantitative data

    This seems straightforward enough. What your professor is asking you to do is to display understanding of research methods. Now, before going further, let us first discuss what qualitative data is - it is data that is text - narrative, words, and images. It is descriptive and tells a story. Quantitative data is numbers - statistics, equations, charts. Its purpose is to measure. Now, let us talk about basic research - what it means is the usual condition in science wherein scientists test theories - the process of exploring and finding out explanations for certain phenomenon. Now applied research is something else - it is research specifically designed for a very particular setting, a very particular purpose that, most of the time is for a real-world application. A good example of basic research for example would be research that answers questions like 'How slime molds reproduce' and 'What is water composed of?' Using theories, students can repeat already established procedures to do the research that answers these questions. as for applied research, questions like ...

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    The solution provides information, assistance and advise in tackling the questions set (see above) on the topic of mental health and its role in physical health and provides advise on the task of doing research on the topic, discussing possible variables that are likely to be important, the question of choice between basic and applied research & the choice between qualitative and quantitative data. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic. A word version of the solution is also attached.