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    Epidemiological indication to measure quality of care

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    Propose an epidemiological indicator which could be used to measure the quality of care provided by a health care organization.

    Discuss the advantages and limitations of the indicator that you selected.

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    Quality-of-Life Measures (this would be the epidemiological indicator)
    Participants cited the development of quality-of-life indicators for residential settings as a high priority. They felt that these measures are not ready to be used now, but that this is an important area for research. They also expressed concern that if quality of life is not monitored while other areas are, quality in this area may suffer.

    The group discussed the difficulties of getting valid quality-of-life information from records, or even getting valid responses directly from residents, especially those who are ...

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    This solution provides an overview of an epidemiological indicator that may be used as a measure of the quality of care provided by a health care organization. Additionally, this solution includes two reference sources for further investigation of the topic.