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Resilience in at-risk youth within the context of democratic education.

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Please explain the concept of "resilience" as it is applied to "at risk" youth, particularly in the context of democratic education.

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The solution discusses the basis of resilience and how resilience in at-risk youth affects their education process. The text contains 470 words plus references.

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To explore how it is that students, particularly but not necessarily 'at risk' students, successfully overcome the hardships and stressors of their daily lives and the unique part democratic schooling may play in this, we turn to the work of resilience theorists and Bronfenbrenner's (1979) ecological theory.

Bronfenbrenner's model suggests the presence of networks within an individual's life progressing from smaller to larger, micro to macro, starting at the fundamental level of the family, then friends, and in the case of school-age children continuing on up to the level of school, the larger community and then society as a whole. It is the interplay between these nested circles of socialization that is partly responsible for our individual personalities. Resilience theory suggests that it is the potential support available to 'at-risk' students at the level of family, school or community that helps mitigate ...

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