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lifespan development, learning, and cognition

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I need some help on how to apply knowledge of theory and research in lifespan development to inform personal behavior, professional goals, and values, understand social policy.

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This job features facts, references, and notes about lifespan development, learning, and cognition.

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As you brainstorm some ideas for your paper, you might note how the lifespan theories of Erik Erikson are highly applicable, especially his discussion of the "Eight Stages of Man." This model, in particular, is useful for your career goals because it helps you to see a root or trigger for why your clients engage in risky or abusive activity. Since this model is deemed as "epigenetic" as "parts rise at specific time of 'ascendancy" (http://www.uky.edu/SocialWork/courses/sw420/Life-Span-Dev.pdf), it has some interesting implications for your line of work.

Since you work with clients ...

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